Signals From Mars – Episode 366 – October 2023 Albums Review

Signals From Mars Episode 366 October Albums Review October 2023 Albums Review


During this episode of Signals From Mars, Jeremy Weltman joins me for Patron’s Pick.

Jeremy and I are recapping new album releases that have come out in October of 2023. We discuss each week, and mention those releases that stand out to us.

This show will help the “there is no good new music crowd”, and will serve as a quick reminder to those putting their end-of-the-year lists together.

Jeremy is one of my Patron’s and started doing the Patron’s Pick segment on the Signals From Mars Podcast. We have decided to put together this monthly show to discuss all of the great new music we love.

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We also discuss the following topics:

Download XXI Lineup

Bruce Dickinson‘s Mandrake Project, what do we think it will be like

Slipknot and Jay Weinberg

Kiss final Show PPV $39.99 in the US and $14.99 outside of the US

The Rods‘ new single and album Rattle The Cage comes out in January

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Prong – State Of Emergency*

Patriarchs In Black –  My Veneration*

Incubus – Morning View XXIII

Iron Savior – Firestar

Of Mice & Men – Tether

Carnifex – Necromanteum

Capra – Errors

Trevor Rabin – Rio

Twin Temple – God Is Dead

Virta – Horros

Michael Abdow – Séance In Black

Nytt Land – Torem

Courtney Gains – Safe Haven

Rot – Diabolus (The Unholy Rot): Demo #1 1990

Darrel Treece-Birch’s Atlantea – Choices

Linus Klausenitzer – Tulpa

Another Day Dawns – Through All The Noise

Varg – Ewige Wacht

Helsinki Trio – Virta

Goatwhore – Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven

Kerrigan – Bloodmoon

Born In Blood – Can’t Save Us All

Bull Elephant – The Long War

S.C.R.A.M. – The Inner City

Putrascension – Forever Below


Siamese – Live at Roskilde Festival


Van Halen – The Collection II Box Set

Impellitteri – The Complete Beast Box Set

Beartooth – The Surface

The Struts – Pretty Vicious

Mondo Generator – We Stand Against You*

Edge Of Forever – Ritual

Ronnie Atkins – Trinity

Varg – Ewige Wacht

Eric Sardinas – Midnight Junction

Creeper – Sanguivore*

The Voynich Code  – Insomnia

Your Sunset – My Sunrise

Malformed – The Gathering of Souls

Ohmwork – In Hindsight

Nitrate – Feel The Heat

Kings Crown – Closer To The Truth

Twin Temple – God Is Dead

Wimps – City Limits


Suicide Puppets – Death Note*

False Fed – Let Them Eat Fake


Nuclear Assault – Radiation Sickness


The Vintage Caravan – The Monuments Tour (Live)


Michael Voss – Rocker Rollin – A Tribute To Rick Parfitt

Angelus Apatrida – Aftermath*

Rival Sons – Lightbringer*

Dog Eat Dog – Free Radicals

Duff McKagan – Lighthouse*

Lynch Mob – Babylon*

Ice Nine Kills – Welcome To Horrorwood Under Fire

Within Temptation – Bleed Out

Rivers of Nihil – Hellbirds

Allegaeon – Inhumation

Cirith Ungol – Dark Parade

Death Pose – Midnight Society

Afterbirth – In But Not Of

Owdwyr – Receptor

Go Ahead And Die – Unhealthy Mechanisms

Elegy Of Madness – XI

Temperance – Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2

Lalu – The Fish Who Wanted To Be King

Game Over – Hellframes

Archangel – Total Dark Sublime

War Curse – Confession

Solemn Vision – Despite The Rise Of The Sun

Dreamwell – In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You

Boys Like Girls – Sunday At Foxwoods

The Iron Roses – The Iron Roses

Semblant – Vermillion Eclipse

Silva – Forgotten Sanctuary

Bob Cummins Jr. – Good American Songbook

Conny Ochs – Wahn Und Sinn

Vitalines – Wheels Within Wheels

Stomach – Parasite

Jason Blake – Radiant Dusk


Dream Undending / Worm – Starpath




Ice Nine Kills – Welcome To Horrorwood: Under Fire

Crisis – 8 Convulsions




Night Ranger – 40 Years And A Night With Contemporary Youth Orcestra

Poppy – Zig*

In This Moment – Godmode*

††† (Crosses) – Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete

Dokken – Heaven Comes Down*

Doro – Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud

The Gaslight Anthem – History Books

Mark Tremonti – Christmas Classics New & Old

Robin Trower – Joyful Sky

Sorcerer – Reign Of The Reaper*

Taking Back Sunday – 152

Howling Giant – Glass Future

Throat – Heaven Hanged

Wayfarer – American Gothic

Serenity – Nemesis AD

Autopsy – Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts

Farsoth – Morbid Symphonies

Pattern Seeking Animals – Spooky Action At A Distance

VRSTY – Levitate

Bacterial Husk – Anthropogenic Ruin

Hollow Front – The Fear Of Letting Go

Red Reign – Don’t Look Back

Broder – Skarpretterfossilet

Six Going On Seven – Self-Made Mess

Stu Brooks – 40Hz

Endseeker – Violence Is Gold

Berzerker Legion – Chaos Will Reign

Bonafide – Are You Listening?

Tortuga – Iterations

Sky Empire – The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One

Lightlorn – At One With The Night Sky

Elm Street – The Great Tribulation

Throat – We Must Leave You

End – The Sin Of Human Frailty

Ignited – Cradle Of The Wicked



Lake Malice – Post-Genesis

W.E.B. – Into Hell Fire We Burn




Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil 40th Anniversary Edition

Hollow Front – The Fear Of Letting Go




Venom – Live From The Hammersmith Odeon Theatre

Obscura – A Celebration I – Live in North America

Nebula – Livewired In Europe

CoreLeoni – Alive

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