Signals From Mars – Episode 365 – 1986

Signals From Mars Episode 365 1986


In the latest installment of Signals From Mars, I had the pleasure of engaging with my Patrons as we delved into a nostalgic journey through our favorite albums of 1986.

Here’s how our musical time travel unfolded: Patrons submitted their top 10 album picks from that year, with a unique point system to rank their choices. The top album earned 10 points, the second got 9, and so on, down to the tenth favorite, which received 1 point. After tallying up the scores, the album with the highest total was crowned the ultimate fan favorite.

Curious to see if your go-to album from ’86 made the cut? Wondering why it didn’t climb higher or questioning its presence on the list at all?

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1MetallicaMaster Of Puppets
2Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time
3MegadethPeace Sells…But Who’s Buying?
4OzzyThe Ultimate Sin
5Judas PriestTurbo
6Bon JoviSlippery When Wet
7SlayerReign In Blood
8David Lee RothEat Em And Smile
9QueensrycheRage For Order
10TeslaMechanical resonance
11AcceptRussian Roulette
12EuropeThe Final Countdown
13FastwayTrick Or Treat
14PoisonLook What The Cat Dragged In
15Metal ChurchThe Dark
16Peter GabrielSo 
17Van Halen5150
18W.A.S.P.Inside The Electric Circus
19CinderellaNight Songs
20Billy IdolWhiplash Smile
22AC/DCWho Made Who
23GenesisInvisible Touch
24SaxonRock The Nations
25Quiet RiotQRIII
26Beastie BoysLicensed To Ill
27Crimson GloryCrimson  Glory
28Transformers The Movie SoundtrackVA
29Vinnie Vincent InvasionInvasion
30Flotsam And JetsamDoomsday For The Deceiver
31Great WhiteShot In The Dark
32TT QuickMetal Of Honor
33Queen A Kind Of Magic
34The SmithereensEspecially For You
36Depeche ModeBlack Celebration
37King DiamondFatal Portrait
38Racer XStreet Lethal
39Georgia SatellitesGeorgia Satellites
40SepulturaMorbid Visions
41Agnostic FrontCuase For Alarm
43PossessedBeyond The Gates
44RattDancing Undercover
45Alice CooperConstrictor
46Emerson, Lake And PowellEmerson, Lake And Powell
47Nuclear AssaultGame Over
48Rough CuttWants You!
49SavatageFight For The Rock
50WarlockTrue As Steel

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