Signals From Mars – Episode 350 – 1985

Signals From Mars Episode 350 1985


During this episode of Signals From Mars, my Patrons join me to discuss their favorite albums of 1985.

The way this works is they submit a list of 10 albums. Each album is assigned a set of points. Number one gets 10 points, number two gets 9 points all the way down to their number ten which receives 1 point. I sum all of the points up and whichever album comes out with the most points ends up as number one.

Did your favorite make the list? Should it have ranked higher? What’s that album even doing on the list?




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Shaking Foundations: The Defining Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 1985

The year 1985 was a remarkable year for hard rock and metal music. It was the year when these genres truly started to diversify, giving rise to a plethora of unique and enduring sounds. This article will highlight some of the most influential and genre-defining albums of that iconic year.

Firstly, we can’t ignore the debut album from Megadeth, Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!. Founded by ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine, Megadeth’s first album set the standard for technicality, speed, and political lyricism in metal. Standout tracks such as “Mechanix” and “Rattlehead” set the band apart from its peers, showcasing a level of musicianship that would become a hallmark of their sound.

AC/DC continued to deliver their signature brand of high voltage rock and roll with their 10th studio album, Fly on the Wall. Although it received mixed reviews initially, this album has gained appreciation over the years, with infectious tracks like “Shake Your Foundations” affirming the band’s commitment to their roots in hard rock and blues.

The glam metal scene was lit up by Ratt‘s Invasion of Your Privacy. Characterised by catchy melodies, awe-inspiring guitar solos, and polished production, this album contributed significantly to defining the sound of the era. Tracks like “Lay It Down” and “You’re in Love” became synonymous with the glam metal movement.

From the shores of Britain, Saxon carried the flag of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) high with their more commercially orientated album, Innocence Is No Excuse. It still embodied the heart and soul of the band, with tracks like “Back on the Streets” delivering their iconic punch.

In the domain of thrash metal, Spreading the Disease by Anthrax became a cornerstone. This was the first album to feature Joey Belladonna on vocals. Anthems like “Madhouse” and “A.I.R.” quickly became fan favorites, demonstrating that Anthrax could hold their own against the heavyweights of the thrash scene.

While not directly linked to the metal or hard rock genre, Kate Bush‘s Hounds of Love certainly played a pivotal role in shaping later sounds. Her theatrical and grandiose musical style would go on to inspire bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation in the symphonic metal sub-genre.

Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force pushed boundaries with their sophomore album Marching Out. Malmsteen, a virtuoso guitarist from Sweden, fused his classical music influences with hard rock and heavy metal to craft a sound that would become known as neoclassical metal. This approach paved the way for countless guitarists who followed in his footsteps.

1985 was undeniably a significant year for hard rock and metal, a year that saw the release of several seminal albums that continue to inspire and entertain fans to this day. It was a year when the seeds of the genre’s future were sown, the echoes of which continue to resonate in the sound and spirit of contemporary hard rock and metal.

1RattInvasion Of Your Privacy
2AnthraxSpreading The Disease
3Motley CrueTheatre Of Pain
4DokkenUnder Lock And Key
5MegadethKilling Is My Business & Business Is Good
6AcceptMetal Heart
7DioSacred Heart
8The CultLove
9Bon Jovi7800 F
10AC/DCFly On The Wall
11W.A.S.P.The Last Command
12OverkillFeel The Fire
13RushPower Windows
15MisfitsLegacy Of Brutality
16S.O.D.Speak English Or Die
17Y&TDown For The Count
18Twisted SisterCome Out & Play
19KixMidnight Dynamite
20MarillionMisplaced Childhood
21Rough CuttRough Cutt
22Armored SaintDelirious Nomad
23Lizzy BordenLove You To Pieces
24MagnumOn A Storyteller’s Night
25Simple MindsOnce Upon A Time
26SlayerHell Awaits
27David Lee RothCrazy From The Heat
28IconNight Of The Crime
29SavatagePower Of The Night
30SaxonInnocence Is No Excuse
31AlcatrazzDisturbing The Peace
32D.R.I.Dealing With It
33HelloweenWalls Of Jericho
34KeelRight To Rock
35LoudnessThunder In The East
36Blue Oyster CultClub Ninja
37Kate BushHounds Of Love
38PossessedSeven Churches
39WarriorFighting For The Earth
40Grim ReaperFear No Evil
41King KobraReady To Strike
42Mr. MisterWelcome To The Real World
43Black N BlueWithout Love
44Weird Al YankovicDare To Be Stupid
45LeatherwolfEndangered Species
46Various ArtistsThe Wrestling Album
47InxsListen Like Thieves
49Various ArtistsThe Goonies Soundtrack
50ExodusBonded By Blood
51Honeymoon SuiteBig Prize


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