Signals From Mars – Episode 342- Erik Kluiber Society 1

Signals From Mars Episode 342 Erik Kluiber Society 1


During this episode of Signals From Mars, Erik Kluiber of Society 1 joins the show.

Among the topics discussed include Erik joining Society 1. Having to pivot to become the band’s guitarist. Their recent tour with Static X, Fear Factory, and Mushroomhead. What happened with Void Vator

We also touch upon his time in Ironaut. He’s actually selling off the last bit of CDs by the band. If anyone is interested, they can pick one up here.

Erik Kluiber is a highly accomplished guitarist and musician who has made significant contributions to the music industry. As followers of the show may know, he has played in several well-known bands, including Overloaded, White Wizzard, Gypsyhawk, Ironaut, and Void Vater.

He recently joined Society 1, providing a guitar solo on the track “The Fight Within”, and several yet-to-be-completed tracks. I first found out about Erik during his Overloaded days. The band was played on the Talking Metal Podcast way back when. Erik was also on the Talking Metal Forums as Yellowfin. He was the first guest I had on the podcast. Back when it was still the Mars Attacks Podcast.





Society 1 is an American industrial metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in 1996 by vocalist Lord Zane, and over the years, they have gained a reputation for their controversial stage antics and aggressive music.

Society 1’s sound is a unique blend of industrial metal, gothic rock, and alternative metal, with influences from bands such as Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Rob Zombie. Their music is characterized by heavy guitar riffs, electronic beats, and dark, brooding vocals.

The band has released several albums throughout their career, including “Slacker Jesus” (1999), “Exit Through Fear” (2003), “The Sound That Ends Creation” (2005), and “A Journey from Exile” (2011). Their most recent album, “Black Level Six,” was released in 2019.

In addition to their music, Society 1 is also known for their controversial live shows, which often involve nudity, blood, and other shocking displays. The band has been banned from several venues and festivals over the years due to their extreme antics.

Despite the controversy, Society 1 has a dedicated fanbase and continues to tour and release new music.

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