Signals From Mars – Episode 311 – NWOBHM Discussion

Signals From Mars Episode 311 NWOBHM Discussion New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

NWOBHM Discussion

During this episode of the Signals From Mars Live Stream, my Patrons Jeremy, Johan, Brad, and Ed join the show to discuss the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, also known as NWOBHM.

I polled my Patrons and asked them to submit their top 10 favorite NWOBHM albums. As with all of our lists, their number one gets 10 points, number two gets 9 points, all the way down to ten which receives 1 point. I tally the totals up, and we get the list we go over during this episode.

So, we discuss the top ten NWOBHM albums, and the top ten NWOBHM bands as per the polling I did with the Patrons. 

Below you’ll find spoilers for both lists, and a playlist I put together based on the albums, and songs selected by my Patrons. You can find links to the Apple Music and Spotify versions a little further down the page.



1Def LeppardHigh N Dry
2Iron MaidenIron Maiden
3Diamond HeadLightning To The Nations
4Iron MaidenKillers
5VenomBlack Metal
6SaxonWheels Of Steel
7RavenAll For One
9Grim ReaperSee You In Hell
10SamsonHead On
12Tygers Of Pan TangSpellbound
13SaxonPower & The Glory
14RavenRock Until You Drop
15DemonNight Of The Demon
16FastwayTrick Or Treat
17Angel WitchAngel Witch
18Heavy PettinLettin Loose
20Witchfinder GeneralWitchfinder General
21Tokyo BladeNight Of The Blade
22Tokyo BladeAin’t Misbehavin’
23Dark StarDark Star
24Dumpy’s Rusty NutsHot Lover
25Tokyo BladeTokyo Blade
26WhitesnakeSlide It In
27Witchfinder GeneralDeath Penalty
28Persian RiskRise Up
29SavageLoose N Leathal
30Vardis100 MPH
31Angel WitchScreamin N Bleedin
1Iron Maiden
2Def Leppard
4Diamond Head
8Grim Reaper
10Tokyo Blade


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